Telepsychiatric Center

Centre for Telepsychiatry is a unique facility in Denmark for combining technology with psychiatry. We are a working clinical department of Psychiatry in The Mental Health Services, Region Southern Denmark. At the same time the center is a ressource and knowledge center for the use of telepsychiatry and other techologies in the mental health services both regionally and nationally.


The Southern Region of Denmark

The most important task of the Region of Southern Denmark is to operate the healthcare service in Southern Denmark. The Region also handles specialist assignments in the field of social services, and in relation to both children and adults with disabilities. Finally, the Region is responsible for assuring and coordinating development and growth in Southern Denmark.



University Of Southern Denmark (SDU)

The University of Southern Denmark has five faculties with more than  32,000 students, almost 20% of whom are from abroad, and more than 4,000 employees distributed across our main campus in Odense and regional campuses in Slagelse, Kolding, Esbjerg and Sønderborg. Several international studies document that we conduct world-class research and are one of the top fifty young universities in the world.


Aalborg University Denmark

All degree programmes and research activities at Aalborg University are problem and project-based and have an interdisciplinary focus. Through strong interplay between staff and students and intense collaboration with public and private sectors, we offer degree programmes with a real-world approach and provide world-class research.


Innovation Fund Denmark

Innovation Fund Denmark invests in new knowledge and technology creating growth and employment in Denmark. Do you have a business or are you a scientist with a strong idea and a desire for new knowledge?



The Monsenso mHealth solution for mental health can help in the prevention, early intervention and treatment of mental or behavioural disorders. Our aim is to help individuals struggling with their mental health to feel better, faster.


Danish Center for Healthcare Improvements (DCHI) 


The ENTER program consists of five research projects that aim to:

  1. Develop novel technologies and forms of service delivery improving treatment outcomes for patients within a mental health care setting.
  2. Provide evidence for the clinical and cost effective benefits and possible risks of using technologies in mental health care services.
  3. Enable ENTER´s industry partners to market their products nationally and internationally based on the proven feasibility of the technologies.
  4. Disseminate research results directed at the patient organisations and policy makers in mental health care, and representatives of multiple bodies of clinical practice – pending clinical efficacy, successful implementation in the care and management of patients with mental disorders and mental health problems.
  5. Establish a fruitful, collaborative research environment for e-mental health research with a national networking organization to persist beyond the present project.


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