About us

The ENTER program is part of a wider E Mental Health Research Unit within the Institute of Clinical Research, Faculty of Health, University of Southern Denmark.

 We are located, and in partnership with, the Telepyschiatric Centre of the Region of Southern Denmark. Our cross institutional setting provides us with a unique research environment where clinical relevance, person-centred approaches and scientific inquiry can join in a united goal to create the evidence to support safe and effective person-centred technological responses and interventions to improve the mental health and wellbeing of people throughout Denmark.

Our ENTER team of researchers are working to develop best-practice evidence specifically with three clinical treatment projects and two projects exploring the cost effectiveness of the in clinical treatments.

Our ENTER objectives are:

1. Quality and Safety

To improve the quality of care and access to treatment for people with depression, anxiety and borderline personality disorder through the development and deployment of novel technologies.

2. Clinical efficacy, cost effectiveness, risks and disruptions

To build an evidence base for the clinical and cost effectiveness of any benefits. Identify possible risks and disruptors related to using technologies in the mental health care context.

3. Guide Practice-based implementation

To develop best practices and guidelines related to the delivery and implementation of new technologies as a companion to routine treatment; as blended care therapy or as stand alone digital intervention.

4. New business potential

To create a solid platform for initiating and coordinating future public/private sector research in E Mental Health.

One program of research consisting of five projects

  • Three clinical trial projects investigating the use of novel technologies and service delivery formats.
  • Two projects investigating cost-effectiveness and implementation of the services trialed.


The ENTER program consists of five research projects that aim to:

  1. Develop novel technologies and forms of service delivery improving treatment outcomes for patients within a mental health care setting.
  2. Provide evidence for the clinical and cost effective benefits and possible risks of using technologies in mental health care services.
  3. Enable ENTER´s industry partners to market their products nationally and internationally based on the proven feasibility of the technologies.
  4. Disseminate research results directed at the patient organisations and policy makers in mental health care, and representatives of multiple bodies of clinical practice – pending clinical efficacy, successful implementation in the care and management of patients with mental disorders and mental health problems.
  5. Establish a fruitful, collaborative research environment for e-mental health research with a national networking organization to persist beyond the present project.


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